Hello world!

Hi, my name is Linsey, and I am addicted to reading craft blogs.

Now that we’ve gotten the hard part out of the way, I’ll introduce myself.  I am 28, and a music therapist living in San Antonio, Texas.  I’ve lived all over the state, but this is where I currently hang my hat…or dog’s leashes.  I share my little corner of the world with Bailey, my 6 year old dachshund, and Piper, my 2 year old lab mix (?).

Music therapy is not only my livelihood, but also a passion.  What is music therapy?  That’s a whole post in itself, stay tuned!

music therapy

Tricks of the Trade

Bailey and Piper will probably make many, many appearances here, even just as photo extras.  I enjoy training them, and Bailey and I are about to start competing in Rally Obedience.  Piper, well, she’s a work in progress.


Bailey in the bluebonnets


Piper in the bluebonnets

Like I said above, I’m addicted to reading craft blogs.  I spend time when I should be sleeping – or a multitude of other things – visiting linky parties and admiring others’ work, and thinking, “hey, I can do that!”  I started this blog so I can join in those linky parties too, and perhaps inspire someone else.  So, stick around.  Read a little.  Post a comment.  Have fun!


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