Our humble abode

I’m still in that transient phase of life.  The young professional, I haven’t planted roots yet phase.  Therefore, I live in an apartment.  Yeah, I know.   Frankly though, after renting a house for three years and doing most of the maintenance and upkeep, yard work included, myself, I’m thankful for the break!

I enjoy decorating, especially for Christmas.  It just makes home feel more warm and comfortable, welcoming after a long day in traffic.   Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy:


My little dining room.  The recessed light is crazy boring, so I spiced it up a bit with those hanging paper ornaments.  Some glitter trees, a few candles, and of course garland and red bows.  Love it.

dining area


I don’t have a fireplace, but I do have this crazy tall bar.   A table and bar stools would be a bit of overkill for this teensy apartment, so it usually just functions as a landing area.  I think it looks much better adorned with more garland and our stockings.

my "mantle"

My favorite parts of this shot are the star sconces all dressed up.  Before you ask, no, the TV doesn’t usually sport a Frosty hat, but you really didn’t want to see the reflection of me in my pjs. 😉

tv cabinet

Next up, the Christmas tree!  I’ll share more pictures of it in later posts, but this will do for now.  Its small, but it suits us.  Yes, I have terrible, horrible vertical blinds that badly hung shears don’t do much to conceal.  The garland helps though.

O Christmas Tree

P.S.  I’ve played the French Horn for about 16 years now, and even minored in it in college, so it makes a lot of appearances this time of year.


I do have this super cute little nook in the living room.  I’m not sure exactly what it was intended for, because there are no outlets in it, but it works well for a bookcase of DVDs and the quintessential large Texas star.

There's another one!

This is perhaps one of my very favorite things.  My Dad and I made this when I was visiting at Thanksgiving, and I love it!

Homemade Christmas Tree

This table got a runner to pull it all together after this picture was taken, and I just haven’t gotten around to taking another.

Tree table


Sorry about the crappy picture here.  The lighting in this place leaves a lot to be desired.

Down the hall

This is the little table from above that is in my bedroom.  Custom home-made word art, a jewelry tree from Homegoods with bracelets my mom made, Goodwill find candle holders, and pink glittery things.  What more can a girl ask for?

Pretty in Pink

Even the bathroom needs a little Christmas cheer!  Here’s my dollar spot and dollar store wreath fashioned especially to hang between those two lovely light fixtures.

bathroom beauty

Bathroom basket

Even a little concrete dachshund I have got into the spirit with a festive tie.   (Wow! Look at all that builder’s bland.)

All dressed up

That’s it!  It’s not fancy-schmancy, but I like it!


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