Homemade Christmas Tree

One week until Christmas!! Are you ready?

I saw the picture below on a blog that I now cannot remember (sorry! If you know, let me know!), and fell in love.  I had to have it, and I knew I could make it – with some help.  So, on Black Friday when everyone else was standing in line at 4 am, my dad and I got creative!

I wasn’t blogging at the time, nor was I planning to blog, so I don’t have in-progress pictures, but I can give you the supplies and the steps.  Its easy!


3 – 1x3x 6 foot boards  – we only ended up using 2, and they were $2.38 each

1 – 1/2 inch dowel rod – I think it was about $2 as well, maybe less

1 base – I used a piece of scrap wood that my dad had lying around, you can use anything that will keep the dowel stable

Prep work:

You can use any lengths you’d like, but for my tree I used the following:

6 – 15 inch pieces

3 – 12 inch pieces

3 – 9 inch pieces

3 – 6 inch pieces

2- 3 inch pices

17 – 2 inch squares

1. Measure twice, cut once, sand forever.

2.  Drill a hole in the middle of each board the same diameter as your dowel rod.  You want a pretty snug fit, because this thing is heavy.  We used a drill press to drill the holes in the middle of each board, which made that process much faster.  Also drill a hole (but not all the way through) in the middle of the base piece.  Make sure it is deep enough to keep the tree stable.

3.  Personalize.    This is when you decide whether you want to stain your tree to keep the natural wood look like the original, if you want to paint it, or cover each piece with scrapbook paper (could be really cute!).   To get  my look I REALLY watered down Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint in Forest Green and Burnt Umber (base) and painted it on.   *Note – remember to paint the very tip of the dowel rod if you want some hanging out to attach a bow.  BUT, paint will make the dowel swell, so you may have to assemble the tree upside down.

4.  Let that dry overnight.

5.  Assemble your tree!  Play around with it.  Mine isn’t exactly like the picture, and yours won’t be exactly like mine.  The boards should slide around the dowel, so you can have them sit at all different angles for a more dimensional look, or you can have them all the same.

6. Decorate!  I liked the look of some plain tea lights and some red and silver ribbon with the quintessential red bow.  You can use ornaments that would sit on the branches, votive candles, hanging ornaments, anything you’d like!

7. Enjoy!

I’ve shared this project  at Under the Table and Dreaming:

And at I ❤ Naptime


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  1. Love it! Very Unique Idea!

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