Money Saving Dog Toys

Are your dogs killers like mine?

Do your toy boxes look like toy graveyards? Missing body parts, squeakless squeakers, shredded limbs?

Its a sad state of affairs. I hate spending tons of money on new toys, because they last 5 minutes, and they are expensive!

My dogs LOVE these: Skineez Dog Toys They are stuffingless, which means no mess, and they flop around nicely. But they are about $10 a piece in stores!

So, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

You can get these at Petsmart for about $1.99 a package. So, for $4, you can have 10 new toys.

In the past, I have taken these squeakers and sewed them into freshly washed old toys and the dogs thought they were new. This time I wanted to take it further.

I got some double sided material at Hobby Lobby. Its fur on one side, and the cheetah side is pretty tough feeling.

I cut it into pieces, sewed up 3 sides, inserted a squeaker, sewed the fourth and done. I’m not going to win any prizes for beauty or creativity here, its about the dogs.

This one had room for 2 squeakers, so I sewed a line down the middle as well.

That lasted all of 10 minutes. Here’s what I learned:
1. The squeakers de-squeak very quickly, but that’s ok, because the little dog here prefers them that way. He likes that pouf of air and pop of plastic rather than the squeak.
2. The fur side is really easy to get through, and the cheetah side takes a little longer.

They are still playing with this toy about a week and a half later, so it wasn’t a total loss, but I needed to protect the squeakers a little more.

Here’s what I came up with – squeaker pockets. Simple fleece squares.

Insert those into the fabric pieces…

Made those double sided…

And now have a whole basket of new toys!

The dogs approve!

You know its a good toy when Bailey rolls on it!

This is why toys don’t last…chewing already.

So far, so good! Let me know if you decide to make some for your four legged friends!


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