A sad little laugh

I have this shelf in my dining area with a sad, lonely little LAUGH sign.

There just wasn’t enough oopmh! It definitely needed some help, but I had some parameters: 1. it had to add some height, and at least a little color, 2. it needed to be fairly lightweight as that heavy shelf is in sheetrock with some rrreeeaaallllyyy long nails, 3. couldn’t cost more than $10.

Here’s what I came up with thanks to a trip to Michaels and a 20% off your entire purchase coupon. (love those!)

The grass sprigs are wired, but that really fine wire that once its bent one way, its stuck. I couldn’t have errant blades of grass, so I just used some floral tape to take the wrapping up a little bit higher to hold in those stragglers.

From this: (Yes, that’s a dog butt back there. My helpers are never far away. 🙂 )

To this: Much better – though apparently I could not focus the camera…

The finished product:

I like it! It fit into all of my parameters, and it looks nice in the dining area! I’m not thrilled with the candles, but decor is fluid and always changing, right?


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