San Antonio Snow!

I know! Snow in South Texas? Believe me, everyone else is just as puzzled as you are. By the sound of the news, you’d think Armageddon hit around 9:00 last night when the freezing rain started. “Don’t go out!” “Don’t drive!” “Hunker down!” Crazy.

So, I did what every other self respecting…err…crazy…dog lady does, and I took my dogs outside for pictures at 2 in the morning in case it all melted by daybreak. Aren’t you proud?

Outside my apartment

Piper refused to look at the camera.

Bailey looked, but he wasn’t too happy about it.

I took this through the window around 7:15 this morning. Yes, I set my alarm for daybreak to see how much we had before it melted. See? Texans in snow are a little crazy.

Around 11. Starting to melt because we hit 33 degrees for the first time since Tuesday at noon!

Someone killed her cat again…. Really she wanted to play so badly, but all the roads were closed, so we were stuck at the on-leash only apartment.

My sweet boy. ❤ (You can see how weird the snow/ice mix was. It only stuck on flat surfaces – roads and grass – nothing in the trees or shrubs.)

I love the cold weather, I do. But I have discovered that I like it in 1 or 2 day increments. This whole week was enough! Now that we’ve had a 25 year weather event (really, SA NEVER gets snow!) I’m done with winter. Bring on the 60 degree temps this weekend!


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